HokutoProject Team presents

Hokuto No Ken Sensei no michi - The Way of Masters
The Fighting Game

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08/09/2021 The Fighting Game BETA 8.0 HNK80.zip (174 MB)
15/09/2020 The Fighting Game BETA 7.2 + YUDA  
16/06/2020 The Fighting Game BETA 7.0  



Changelist Beta 8.0

  • Falco restyle

  • New select screen

  • New portraits

  • New move for all characters (guard breaker)

  • New combo system

  • Different command for power charge

  • Different command for basic throws

  • Different command for some Jagi and Yuda moves

  • Guard an attack now give reaction bonus to defender

  • Better and additional aura effects

  • New spark for stun sequence and long combos

  • New sparks for guards

  • Additional spark for guards (for strong and special moves)

  • New time over anim for Toki

  • New frames for some characters

  • 200 bugs fixed



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